The Green Horde

The Green Horde descended upon us this afternoon, and now they will not leave. They’ve witnessed a “victory,” and they are sure it has made their lives better or validated their strength or prowess or the geographical location of their residence or whatever the fuck it is they think just happened. They’re convinced they’ve won something, and the streets of Goose Hollow echo with their hoots and howls as they celebrate their delusional success.

I’m half-heartedly and half-seriously developing a theory of “dorkification” to explain the current trajectory of Western civilization. The question is whether the dorkification of ideas of violence, racism, equality, feminism, etc., that obviously occurs when these concepts are processed through our commercialized popular culture (see the movie “Wonder Woman” – or better, don’t) is a bad thing or a good thing. Dorkification enervates evil, arguably, turning fascist dictators into dorkified Donald Trumps, turning violent revolution into Antifa street theater, etc. Has our society reached a point where it’s a good thing that everything is dumb? If sports fanaticism dorkifies tribalism, does it drain tribalism of its malignancy, or does it feed into the malignancy?

All I know is I can’t get a latte, and I can’t get a shot of bourbon. Every doorway is clogged with sweaty dorkiness.

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