On Thanksgiving Day, an uncle I’ve been trying to avoid for months finally succeeded in cornering me. He had left messages on my phone saying he needed to talk to me because he had some sort of mission or assignment for me.

Meanwhile, family members had told me that he had become a Nazi.

I haven’t heard it myself, but apparently if you call his home and get his answering machine you hear a short clip from a recording of a speech Hitler gave in Berlin in the 1930s. If you visit my uncle’s house, I’m told, he has a quote from Hitler posted on the wall next to the front door as you exit, and he insists that everyone read the quote before they leave his house.

My uncle has apparently been getting reports of what he calls my “adventures.” He heard about how I infiltrated the Malheur refuge when Ammon Bundy’s group occupied it, and how I spent last Thanksgiving at Standing Rock. He knows I’ve been participating in street protests.

He asked me if, during these adventures, I had seen any indication the events were being orchestrated by the Jews. I think he was actually disappointed that I didn’t say something like, “Well, now that you mention it… Yes! I did notice some Jews lurking in the shadows!” I think he hoped that, with a little prodding from him, I would have an epiphany and suddenly realize the Jews had been behind everything all along. He seemed hurt when I scoffed.

All he wants is for me to keep an open mind. He has a list of documents he wants me to read.

So, I’ve downloaded Martin Luther’s “On the Jews and Their Lies,” and I’ve been reading some scholarly papers online which examine references to Jesus in the Talmud. I guess Luther’s condemnation of the Jews was based largely on these passages from the Talmud.

I’m not reading the damn Talmud. It’s over 6,000 pages long and it sounds like it would be even more boring than the Old Testament.

But I’m accepting this as an opportunity to engage with a self-identifying, unapologetic Nazi.

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