Charlottesville Vigil

A couple of pictures from the rally held today in front of City Hall. I hadn’t taken many pictures before a woman slid up next to me and asked me who I was with (for whom was I taking pictures). The conversation quickly devolved into accusations that I was a Nazi and I was taking pictures to use for… I don’t know, for whatever nefarious purposes a Nazi would use pictures taken at a public event where everybody was taking pictures.

At different times I’ve raised the suspicions of people on both sides, but it’s disheartening to be harassed like this by fellow liberals, and it was reminiscent of the confrontation I had at the May Day march with antifa. At least this woman didn’t spray my camera with soapy water. Another woman interceded and gently moved the first woman on her way, but the second woman still got me to put my camera away. It’s hard to argue with someone who is certain that speaking in a calm and reasonable voice proves that what she’s saying is reasonable, and she appeared to be prepared to stand there all afternoon calmly and reasonably repeating her unreasonable request.

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